Meet the Staff

Our international team includes senior scholars, PhD candidates, MA and BA students. We all share our passion to archaeology and history of the land.

Dennis Cole

Dennis Cole is a Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology occupying the Mcfarland Chair of Archaeology, Chairman of the Division of Biblical Studies, Co-Director of the Michael and Sara Moskau Institute of Archaeology, NOBTS, and Co-Director of Tel Hadid Expedition. Upon the completion of a commentary on Numbers (The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary for Logos), Dennis plans to initiate a new project, The Vineyard and the Cultus: A Study in the Socio-Cultic Implications of Bronze and Iron Age Viticulture and Vinification

Amit Etya

Amit Etya is an M.A. student at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University. Currently living in Rishon LeZion, Amit took part in the Tel Azekah Expedition and the Beit Shemesh salvage excavation. Amit is also a part of the photography and social media team of the Institute of Archeology at TAU.

Ido Koch

Ido Koch is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University, and co-director of the Tel Hadid Expedition. He studies the archaeology of Bronze and Iron Ages Southern Levant. His recently published monograph (The Shadow of Egypt, Jerusalem, 2018) deals with the Egyptian–Levantine colonial encounters during the Late Bronze Age. He participated as an area supervisor at Ramat Rahel (2007–2010) and Tel Azekah (2012–2016).

Ruthy Lewis

Originally from San Diego, California, Ruthy is currently working on her M.A. in archaeology at Tel Aviv University. She is writing her thesis on Roman and Byzantine period glass from Tel Hadid, retrieved from the salvage excavations in the 1990’s. She has participated in a variety of excavations in israel, including most recently as a staff member at the salvage excavations at Beit Shemesh. Ruthy is really looking forward to the coming 2020 season.

Gary D. Myers

Gary earned his M.A. in Biblical Archaeology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2018. His master’s thesis, “At the Threshold of the City: The Excavation and Interpretation of the Middle Bronze Age Gate at Tel Gezer,” was developed during Gary’s work as area supervisor with Tel Gezer Water System Expedition (2016–2017). After seven seasons of excavation at Tel Gezer, Gary joined the Tel Hadid Expedition as an area supervisor in 2018. His areas of interest in archaeology and anthropology include: city gates/boundaries, funerary/burial customs, Middle Bronze Age culture, Iron Age culture, the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and liminal space.

James Parker

James Parker is a Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Archaeology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He serves as Co-Director of Tel Hadid Expedition, the Executive Director of the Michael and Sara Moskau Institute of Archaeology and Associate Vice President of Facilities, NOTBS. Specialized in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies, Greek and New Testament Studies, and Church History, James authored The War Scroll: Genre & Origin (Borderstone Press, 2012), which investigates the various literary forms that are contained within the War Scroll, 1QM.

Noa Ranzer

A local Tel Avivian, Noa completed her B.A. studies in philosophy and literature, and is currently an M.A. student of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University. Noa’s thesis focuses on the subject of “Object’s Biography: Middle and Late Bronze Age Scarabs in the Yarkon Basin,” under the supervision of Prof. Yuval Gadot and Dr. Ido Koch. An Area Supervisor at Tel Hadid, Noa has participated at the expeditions to Tel Azekah and Tel Shimron.

Alexandra Wrathall

A Ph.D. candidate at Tel Aviv University, Alex is a field archaeologist and Iron Age II ceramic specialist. Originally from Australia, she has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Research (specializing in Ancient Near Eastern narrative and narratology) from Macquarie University, Sydney, and M.A. in archaeology from Tel Aviv University. An area supervisor at Tel Hadid, Alex has enjoyed working at a number of sites across the Southern Levant, including Tel Azekah, Masada, Tel Aphek, City of David/Silwan, and Naḥal Nitsana.

Eli Yannai

Eli Yannai is a co-director of the Tel Hadid Expedition. As a former IAA senior archaeologist, Eli excavated hundreds of sites across Israel and published numerous excavation reports and articles dealing with the archaeology of country. 

Omer Ze’evi-Berger

Currently residing in Tel Aviv, Omer Ze’evi is a field archaeologist. He has an M.A. from Tel Aviv University. His master’s thesis deals with Late Bronze Age pottery at Tel Beth Shemesh, Israel. Further to this, Omer specializes in digital and landscape archaeology. Beginning in 2012, Omer has had the pleasure of being part of archaeological expeditions to Tel Beth Shemesh, Kiryath Jearim and Masada. In the upcoming season Omer will work as an Area Supervisor.

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